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Game of Thrones, the bestselling fantasy novels and the show

Game of Thrones, the bestselling fantasy novels and the amazingly popular show from HBO, are -believe it or not- uncannily astrological in their portrayal of the families that clash together in their fight for the Iron Throne.

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One of the big topics of the books is the inevitable and grim fatality of life. Not only death is guaranteed for most of the characters (to destroy the viewers hearts, it seems) through countless epic battles, intrigues, murders and sex. Also, they can't never truly escape their family, which defines their status in the game (whether they are apt to be crowned or to be hunted). Furthermore, their blood bonds describe their inner self.

Each family has a set of psychological and physical traits that work very much as Sun signs for astrology, determining the basic portrait of an individual. In Game of Thrones a kind of magic exists in blood rather than stars, this decides whether you are born to live with wolves or give birth to dragons. They even have banners with sigils of animals and objects which pretty much mirror the symbolism of astrology.

It would be interesting to ask it's creator if this is made purposely, or if it just came to him unconsciously, for it is quiet outstanding! Either way, it is another way to enjoy the series.

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