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The best budget friendly laptops

Here is the list of some of the best budget friendly laptops that you can consider buying.

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Apple MacBook Air 13-inch:

The latest MacBook Air looks pretty similar to the earlier models and it's super slim and stylish. Its rigid aluminum body makes it extraordinarily sturdy for such a slender laptop. Under the hoot it has a fourth generation Core-i5 Intel processor. The new Apple MacBook Air 13-inch laptop is considerably faster and has improved battery life. Combined with a good display and excellent keyboard and track pad it looks super cool. It has a price tag of 849.

Sony Vaio Fit 14:

It doesn't offer the longest battery life but it is blisteringly fast as more expensive models. It is just priced 549. The Sony Vaio Fit 14 offers an excellent combination of an attractive thin-and-light design, solid features and good performance at a very affordable price point. Its bright and very responsive touch screen offers much higher resolution than other models.

Dell XPS 12:

Dell's rotating-screen hybrid laptops keeps on getting a bit better with each generation and now with Intel's recent fourth-generation Core i-series processor, the XPS 12 has a battery life worthy of it's smart design. The screen mechanism is very well-designed, and it easily snaps into position without much slipping, while typing on the backlit keyboard is also comfortable and accurate. The stylish button less click pad is also a good size for such a small machine. The XPS 12 although highly priced at 1152, but it's performance and features justifies it. It is powerful enough for mainstream tasks and is fast and responsive.

Acer Aspire E1-572:

E1-572 is a superb mid-range laptop with enough power to comfortably handle any kind of everyday tasks. Be best thing about it is that it's hard drive and RAM slots are easily accessible for any upgrades in the future. The all black color of it's body, with just a simple silver Acer logo on the lid makes it look simple but yet elegant. It is light weight and has a good keyboard and 1,366768-pixel resolution screen. With price tag of 530 E1-572 is good value with enough power for any basic tasks, and it doesn't look that bad either.

Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 11S:

If you want to go for a laptop-tablet hybrid Yoga 11S with the price tag of 700 is the best choice. It runs on Windows 8 OS, but also has a good quality keyboard that can be easily folded without much effort all the way back to switch from laptop to tablet mode.

When considering buying a laptop, think about your needs and your most essential factor, be it laptop battery life or screen size.

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