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My joy in making art...

Born and raised in Rochester, N.Y. to an Italian family in the restaurant business, I was fated to work in that business until I moved to Birmingham, Al. in the late 1980s.

I started painting about 15 years ago after my husband, Jeff, persuaded me to take an art class. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Carol Weston, my art instructor. She has been a great inspiration, teacher and has become a wonderful friend.

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I have won several awards at local shows which are just the cherry on top of my joy in making art. It has become my therapy over the years and I have just added Decorative Art to my medias. This is a one of a kind technique. Using old costume jewelry, keepsakes, etc. and different shapes, I have found much delight in turning them into classic pieces for personal nostalgic remembrances and gifts.

Having met and made many wonderful friends through my art, it has given me the courage to step out to share what I am able to produce and that I call beauty. It is truly a wonderful feeling when my grandchildren ask to see my latest work.

Being selected as one of the artists whose work was included in the Birmingham-Hoover Sketchbook was one of the most exciting accomplishments since I have been painting. This is only one of my many blessings and I am grateful.

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