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Patience is a Virtue

Should we as leaders make quick decisions because we believe that is what makes us a great leader, or at least what makes us look like a great leader. We have this idea that waiting equals floundering, indecisiveness, or incompetence. Yet a leader with discernment will always weigh the potential rewards against the potential risks.

One of the greatest weapons a leader has is his/her ability to discern what is the best course of action for those he/she is leading. Discernment is taking into account all the known factors and possibilities and making an informed decision based on the totality of the circumstance. Making these type of decisions requires patience and knowledge of the potential outcomes.

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When I was a child, I loved baseball more than anything. I could not wait for baseball season to begin. I loved everything about it, the popcorn at the convenience stand, the dirt on my uniform, connecting with the ball for a hit, sliding into home plate. I would daydream about hitting in the winning run or making an incredible defensive play.

But I also realized that if I was going to do any of those things I needed to practice, even before the season began. I would throw with friends, take batting practice with friends, go to the batting cages, throw a tennis ball against the house and field it when it came back. All of those tasks prepared me for baseball season.

The same is true in leadership. We are anxious for the next decision or project to come, but we forget that patience is not simply sitting around waiting, but it is preparation.

In leadership, if we are not prepared to lead, make decisions, delegate, communicate, etc, we will be ineffective. In our patience, we must continue to sharpen our leadership skills so when the time arises, we will have developed the discernment needed to lead our organization in the right direction.

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