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Review Desired

Desired starts out with Teresa sneaking out of a bawdy house, or rather a brothel by the window to escape Owen and several others coming to arrest the revolutionists in the house for stirring up controversy against the monarchy via political cartoons. Which btw, Teresa draws.

Amazing right?!

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It just gets better. Teresa has this underserved reputation as a loose woman but she's really super chaste. She's only had sex with one of her husbands whom you find out abused her from the very beginning of their marriage. She's had 2 other husbands, her first was a childhood love who tragically died young, and the last was a lord who wanted her for companionship. A closet bluestocking who is well aware of her reputation and despite how it harms and hurts her is determined to protect everyone else around her so that they could live the lives they want and that she can provide them with, Desired turns into a fantastic romance between 2 misunderstood, lonely characters both trying to find peace and honor in a world that purports it but the world has precious few people who actually know what that means and abide by it.

Desired is a character driven romance with enough political and interpersonal intrigue to get the characters where they need to be in order for their maturation and growth to occur. It also doesn't hurt that the political sagas are super interesting, and written about subjects I have rarely seen in these types of Regency Romances', about anti-monarchical sentiment, "rabble rousing" political cartooning which was so cleverly done.

There we're parts or rather characters whose meddling I found more irritating than interesting and helpful to the story. I get that Teresa's sister was supposed to be in the novel because she was the focus of others in the series but her constant whining, meddling and incessant selfishness just made her unsympathetic and made me want to speed past all of the scenes containing her. Additionally the other "Ton" members who we're constantly belittling Teresa we're unnecessary, we understood from the beginning that she had a tainted reputation, beating me over the head with it was not going to engender me to Teresa more in any way.

If it wasn't for unnecessary distracting characters, and I think the authors need to meet a certain page count, this could have been a perfect novel.

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