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Bamboo teepee

Another rainy day and with all the reading that's been going on in this house I thought my little girls would LOVE to have her very own reading den to snuggle up in. So, fun DIY project one of the day commences and we are about to make a wigwam tent in her room with flag poles, ribbons and tons of cushions and throws! Set the tone indiana style! These retail for 60 + and they're so so so easy to make if you've some old plain sheets kicking around -save yourself some money and get creative! Your kids will love them!

Instructions as follows:

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  • Take all six bamboo poles in your hand at once. Wrap three rubberbands around the top of the poles about four inches down. Stand the poles up and separate them so they stand alone in a teepee shape.
  • Lay the canvas fabric out flat. Fold it in half lengthwise. Then fold in half diagonally so it forms a triangle. With a fabric marker or pencil draw a half-circle on the top of the triangle. Draw a matching smaller half-circle at the bottom.
  • Cut along the lines you drew for the half-circles. Cut away the excess fabric. Unfold the fabric and lay out flat. Decorate the canvas fabric with paint as you wish. Let the paint dry.
  • Drape the fabric over the bamboo posts and position so it fits all the way around. Use straight pins to hold in place. Measure eight inches up from the bottom of the fabric and place a straight pin in place to mark the spot. Do this for the material along all six posts. Remove the fabric from the posts and place on a flat surface. Sew plastic rings into place with embroidery floss where the straight pins we're placed.
  • Measure down an inch from the top edge of the teepee fabric and an inch inward and make a mark with a fabric pencil. Make a total of six marks two inches apart down the side of the teepee. Repeat on the opposite side of the teepee entrance flap. These marks are for the grommets.
  • Cut the holes for the grommets and set in place. Lace ribbon through the grommet holes. Place the fabric over the bamboo poles. Stick the bottom of the bamboo poles through the plastic rings on the inside of the canvas fabric. Tighten the ribbon and tie in a bow to hold the fabric in place.

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