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A Last Good Bye Tribute to Paul Walker

The movie Fast and Furious might be said to be the gangs final ride but no that's not right Fast and Furious will be back with it's 8th part soon. All the parts of the series Fast and Furious we're successful specially the 5th and 6th part.

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Soon the shooting for the 7th part started in September after the release and great success of Fast 6 but before the shooting could end Fast and Furious gang lost one of the most loved actor Paul Walker who played Brian O Connor in the series passed away after a crash on November 30th 2013 which delayed the production. Then the Directors had to take his brother Cody to complete the remaining movie.

The death of Paul Walker was an unbelievable tragedy which striked the world. The song See You Again is a final tribute to Paul. Many actors, his friends all the others paid tribute to him.

The story of Fast and Furious 7 started from the same place where it was left in the Fast 6.

In USA Dominic Torretto and his crew members we're living their normal life after they defeated an international terrorist named Owen Shaw and moved in their separate ways. But now Owen Shaws brother Deckard Shaw wants to take revenge by killing all of the Dominics crew.

Deckard wasnt knowing anything about Dominic and his crew so he went to Luke Hobbs office to take all the information about them, but when he was escaping Hobbs found him and they both had to fight in which Hobbs got injured while saving his partner Elena Neves.

Just after this Dom receives a package from Tokyo which was send by Deckard when he killed his friend Han in Tokyo in the 3rd part of the series Tokyo Drift which is related to this part.

The package which he received was full of explosives and destroys his house in seconds loosing everything he had. Later Dom knew about Hobbs accident and went to the hospital to know about Shaw and Hobbs told him that Shaw was really a dangerous person who wants to take revenge for his brother Owen.

But this didn't stopped him and Dom then travels to Tokyo to claim Hans body where he met Sean Boswell, friend of Han who gives him all his personal things which they found at the place of Hans crash. He also got a cross necklace which reminded him of Letty who was trying to regain her memories. Before this he also came to know about her sister that she is again pregnant and don't wants Brian should know about this but Dom convinces her to tell him.

Dom sees a car observing them while at the time of Hans funeral in Los Angles. He chases the car after which he came to know driven by Deckard Shaw. Soon both prepares to fight after a collision between their cars but when Frank Petty with his team interferes them Shaw manages to escape. Petty then ask Dom to obtain Gods Eye, a computer program that uses a digital devices to track a specific person movements before it gets in the hand of Jakande and also to save Ramsey who made that computer program. Petty also makes a offer that if he would obtain the Gods Eye then he and his team will assist him to stop Shaw.

For obtaining Gods Eye Dom requires his team so Petty helps him meet Brian, Roman, Tej and Letty. Brian promises to Mia that after this he will be giving his time in raising their son.

Now the team needed a perfect plan for obtaining Gods Eye and rescuing Ramsey so decided to drop off their cars from sky over the Causasus Mountains, which was a far too dangerous as expected. But that was the only way to beat Jakandes convoy and to rescue Ramsey.Ramsey a young girl takes them to Abu Dhabi, to acquire the flash drive containing Gods Eye which was kept in a penthouse by a billionaire. The team then decided to break into his penthouse and manages to steal it. While both the time the team was persued by Shaw but both the time team manages to escape.

After getting the Gods Eye they first tracked the movement and where was Shaw hiding. Dom, Brian, Petty and his teams of covert ops tries to capture Shaw but failed to do that as Shaw and Jakande had made an alliance. In that Petty got injured but with the help of Dom and Brian he manages to escape. Jakande was able to get Gods Eye from one of Pettys man. When they escaped Petty warned them that Jakande will soon track down Ramsey and hunt her.

With no other option left for the team, they decided to return to their home Los Angles and fight Shaw and Jakande there, as having the advantage of knowing each and every streets in Los Angles. A new plan was made after reaching LA, where Dom decides to fight Shaw alone while all other we're to deal with Jakande. Here Brian also got to know she was pregnant with their second child, a baby girl.

Jakande was able to find Ramsey with the help of Gods Eye and tracks her with a helicopter and but Brian and the teams tries to rescue her and asks Ramsey to get into Gods Eye and hack that while keeping her away from an unmanned aerial device vechicle called Drone with the help of cars. During this Hobbs sees the team in trouble and escapes the hospital and destroys the Drone by ramming an ambulance. While all this happened Ramsey was able to get back control of the Gods Eye and shut that down.

Dom and Shaw wasnt knowing anything of it as both we're still busy in a one on one brawl in parking. When Ramsey was able to shut down the device Jakande then intervenes Dom and Shaw by the help of missile which collapsed the parking. Shaw was caught when a part of garage collapses on him. Dom then launches his vehicle at Jakandes helicopter missing narrowly only to toss a bag full of grenades, getting him injured before the car lands and crashes. Hobbs then shoots the grenades making helicopter to explode and killed Jakande.

Seeing Dom not regaining consciousness Letty cradles his body and reveals that she had regained her memories, specially their marriage which was unknown to everybody in the crew. The team feared that he is dead but soon regains consciousness.

Shaw was taken in custody by Hobbs and was locked in a secret high protected CIA prison. Dom and all others we're appreciating Brian and Mia playing with their son at a beach. Dom was caught by Brian when he was silently leaving without saying a good bye.

Then Dom remembered all the good thing they have been through the time he had spend with Brian as they drove in different directions after bidding farewell.

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