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The appeal of soap operas

At the time, I knew nothing about the concept of what a soap was, but after one hour of careful watching I was completely enthralled.It wasn't just one thing that captured my attention, but rather the combination of the unbelievable story lines,magnificent jewelry,and big hair that was so popular in the late eighties. Today,soaps are enjoyed by millions of women from around the world and have been proudly providing an escape from the tedium of everyday life for more than thirty years. So, let's explore what makes a soap such a notoriously guilty pleasure

The Gorgeous Men

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Soap operas have been providing women the objects of their fantasies the world over. Whether you like your dream man tall, dark and handsome, or lean and dreamy, you will never be disappointed by the variety of handsome men. Soaps have also proven to be a great start to many current successful actors! Did you know that ShemarMoore once played the "bad boy" Malcome Winters on The Young and the Restless?

Ranked one of the hottest men by Soap Opera weekly, Joshua Morrow, A.K.A Nicolas Newman has been the apple of many eyes for more than ten years. With his chiseled abs and broad shoulders this soap star has captured the hearts of girls since he was a teenager! But, this soap star isn't only just an actor, he's also a singer!

One of the leading men in The Young and the Restless for more than twenty years , Eric Breaden has demonstrated that older men can also steam up the small screen! Recognized by his famous moustache,he has been playing the wealthy industrialist, Victor Newman,who has been charming his fans with his seductively deep voice and thick salt and pepper hair for decades. This handsome soap star has certainly proven that men can be sexy after fifty! Whether he's playing the romantic gentlemen or scheming revenge on one of his many enemies, we love him more with every year that passes!

The Cat Fights

Let's be honest, there is nothing more delicious than watching a good old-fashioned cat fight! We've all been their,ignoring that burning desire to slap that twit who drives us crazy. But, being the civilized people that we are, we only entertain these malicious thoughts, we don't actually carry them out! Thank goodness that we can live vicariously through soap operas! Soaps have been providing its viewers the opportunity to picture the office nit-wit getting her lights punched out, her dress torn and hair pulled via many spectacular cat fights. Here's a good one

Tracy Abbott and Lauren Fenmore's feud began in high school, where Lauren (the red-head) bullied Tracy. Now, the feud has continued well into adulthood with this brutal cat fight over Tracy's husband, Brad Carleton.

The Fashion

One thing you can always count on is impeccable fashion.Soaps have been paving the way in fashion since the seventies, with the beautiful clothes worn by it's actresses, trend setting hair styles and ostentatious jewelry.

Lets take a look back

In the 1980s, we will never forget the famous cropped bangs of Crystal Carrington, played by the beautiful Linda Evans on ABC's primetime soap Dynasty. Once this style was aired, women flocked to hair salons in masses and it became one of the most popular hairstyles in the early eighties!

We all remember the layered look from the nineties because we all had our hair layered at one point or anotherWe will always remember the gorgeous layers on Heather Locklear when she played the seductive Amanda Woodward on FOX's Melrose Place.

Today, women are still inspired by the hair styles donned by big hit soapstars.Whether you like a more sophisticated look like Eileen Davidson's long blond waves or a trendier rock 'n ' roll look worn by Emily O'Brien, there is always a style for every kind of woman.

We all loved the extravagant gowns worn by soap stars over the years. Although today we may cringe at the thought of puffy sleeves or elaborate fur coats,they we're once considered the height of sophistication!Today, we are still bedazzled by the gowns and business suits on our favorite soaps.

The Love Triangles and Sordid Affairs

Welcome to the world of soaps, where the socially unacceptable and grotesque are seen in all manner of infamous weddings and love triangles. And although we would never be able to stomach such immorality in real life, all manner of disgusting twists and notorious scandals are all too common. But, let's be honest, we all love a good love triangle! It's what keeps us hooked

CBC's The Bold and the Beautiful have managed to master and perfect the art of a juicy scandal,and at the center of such scandals is Brooke Logan, the eldest of the Logan sisters, played by Kelly Lang.

This blond bombshell has been the catalyst to many weddings, divorce sand everything in between amongst the wealthy and powerful Forrester men, an L.A family and owners of the fashion house, Forrester Creations. Let's take a look back at a few of these love sagas

In the beginning, Brooke fell in love with Ridge Forrester, the eldest son of the Forrester clan and lead designer of Forrester Creations. They seemed like the perfect couple until

The Beautiful Dr. Taylor Hayes came along. Befriending Ridge's mother, Stephanie Forrester, she managed to steal Ridge's heart. They eventually married in a lavish ceremonybut

Guess who came and stole back her man? That's right! Brooke Logan never loses a love battle! She actually married Ridge more times than I can count!

But not before she married Ridge's father, Eric Forrester, where that marriage produced two children, Bridgette and Eric Jr.Needless to say, that marriage was doomed from the beginning

So, after getting her heartbroken by Forrester SR, she remarried Ridgebut not before she married his brother, Thorne Forrester!

Although the thought of the same women marrying all the men in the same family are bad, it's certainly not as deplorable as when the children produced from those marriages begin to fall in love with their ex step parents!

Lines are certainly crossed when Eric Jr. (Rick) falls in love with his ex step mother, Taylor! But, not before he has a short fling with Taylor's daughter, Pheobe.It all but leaves us feeling sick to our stomach!

Or when Brooke marries her daughter's ex-husband, Nick Marone!

But, worst of allBrooks daughter, Bridgette, re-marries her ex-husband, Nick, after he divorces her own mother!

The Lavish Weddings

Although many of the relationships on soap operas are questionable at best, we all love a good wedding. The stunning floral arrangements, the picturesque venues and exquisite gowns make us fall to our knees every time! But, what really makes us gush are the heart-felt vows spoken by our soap opera sweetheartsWe fall for them every time!

The Spectacular Splits

One can only expect drama when a couple is breaking upAnd why not? Wouldn't you be angry if you caught your spouse having an affair with your business partner who then goes on to marry your daughter!

And we love it!

Yelling, tears and broken dishes are all but expected when a relationship has come to an end in soap opera land!

Here's a good one between Victor and Niki on The Young and the Restless.

The Far-Fetched plots

Over the years, soaps have never disappointed it's fans when it comes to their extreme and unbelievable story lines that seem to never end. But, even though it takes months for these dramatic scenarios to unfold, we can always count on a jaw dropping finale that is so unreal,it often makes us question why we stuck it out in the first place. But, it's all in good fun because where else in T.V land would it be possible to:

Survive injuries that would most certainly kill you in real life!Whether it's a miraculous recovery from a plane crash or fire, people walking away after being thrown off a cliff or even surviving a heart transplant that was performed under the dodgiest of circumstances, it's all possible on daytime television!

villains torment, abduct and imprison their victims in some of the most unlikely places, such as abandoned zoos and circuses!

women steal a man's frozen sperm, inseminate herself with itonly to find out that the contraband sperm did not belong to the man she thought it did in the first place! The only logical next step for this women is to fake a paternity test!

The Return from the Dead

As far as over the top twists go, there is nothing better than when someone is miraculously brought back from the grave. Therefore, I thought such drama worthy of having it's very own category!

Now, it isn't easy to bring back a beloved character from the dead. Writers must pay careful attention to detail so that these scenarios are somewhat plausible.

This is usually a drawn out process that usually begins with a frightening discovery! Here's one of my favorite all time scenes from CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful.

And, after months of waiting, we finally get to see the dramatic reunion of the long-lost dead person!

AndWhat a miracle it is!

In this particular scene, it is discovered that Taylor, Ridge Forrester's long-lost wife wasn't really dead after all

She was simply abducted by an Arabian king after her plane crashed in the desert! Having survived such a terrible crash, she sustained a very bad case of amnesia. As a result of her "injury," the king managed to convince Taylor to stay with him and become his Arabian queen. So, we discover that the entire time Taylor was away from her grieving family, she was living the good life in a far away palace.

Very plausible indeed!

Take a look at this dramatic reunion!

The Parties

Have you ever wished to be swept off your feet by a gorgeous man and carried away on his private jet to have dinner in Paris? When it comes to parties, soaps will always plan extravagant and over the top events that one can only dream of attending in real life!

Champagne, caviar, gowns and up-do's! It's all so glamorousBut, whether it's a masquerade ball, private dinner in the colonnade Room or a charity gala

We can always expect that something will always go wrong no matter how sophisticated the special event may be!

The Steamy Love Scenes

Soap opera love scenes have been fogging up television screen for as long as soaps have existed! It takes many factors to create these scorching hot scenes..

It begins with a kissThen the sexy music begins to play!

It's not long before the lingerie is revealed

And, it wouldn't be a juicy love scene without the romantic pillow talk that is often followed by such passionate love-making!

Here is an epic love scene from The Young and restless between Nick and Sharon! It's scenes like these that keep viewers faithful to their soaps for years to come.

Whether you're a closet fan or proudly share this sinful indulgence with your friends, their is nothing wrong with a daily dose of passion, scandal and everything in between!

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