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An enlightening interview before the new album release...

Being from the Bronx - you actually went to the same high school as Afrriacka Bambatta - who has been named the godfather and originatorof bringing hip-hop music to the public- what does that mean to you being from the mecca of hip-hop, and how does that inspire your music.

Man it's a tough weight to put on my shoulders. You from New York City and a rapper is usually from Brooklyn, Queens, and Harlem. And even know the Bronx started it, all of the stars come from far and in between, you know? We got Affricaka Bambatta, we got a KRS, and we had Big Pun, and Fat Joe, Lord Tariq, Peter Gunz. I have to maintain my lyrical abilities, so people can remember oh okay, he's from the Bronx' But I also got to tell my story, and I think my story resonates with everybody in the world. At the end of the day it's not about where you're from it's who you are.

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After you were named in the Freshmen Class of 09 in XXL, the public started to really draw their attention toward you guys. Can you just explain the momentum shift after that publication, and how you used that momentum to forward your career and into other ventures?

That cover was a blessing for me, it was a surreal moment. And from there I just started recording more, I kinda wanted to jump on the wave, in which people could see me in the mainstream more. So I did the Honda commercial, and I started touring more. I wanted to see the world, and I wanted to step my performance game up, before I really hit the mainstream. But by doing that I really think I alienated a lot of my fans, by not putting out music. But it opened up the gates for me now, to be on Battery/Jive.

You guys really started this feeling of new age artists with that release. What we're your relationships with the other members of the freshmen class before the publication, and what are you relationships with them now?

The guys on the cover, I'm still really good friends with. I text Asher [Roth] here and there just to make sure everything's cool, same with Wale - make sure he working out (laughing) We we're talking bout who works out harder. Me and B.O.B are still cool we've done a couple records together. I talked to Charles [Hamilton] the other day, he sent me some beats. I haven't really heard from Blu in a while. I hang out with Cory [Gunz] all the time. And you know Curren$y, that's my man. I haven't spoken to [Kid] Cudi since like September, we had a couple shows together. I haven't seen Ace Hood in a couple years, but when we are in each others' presences we show each other the utmost love. Cause at the end of the day it's all about unity. Shout out to the new class of artists that are on the Freshmen 10. I'm cool with all those guys as well.

You have been known to use the internet as a tool in aiding your career. You have dropped six mixtapes, using the a method of releasing a new song every week. What are your thoughts on this new style of releasing music, as before when you had to wait for the album to hear a music from an artist?

I think the content has to continually be out there so people can be reminded of the talent that is being displayed all the time. I think whether it's a song a week or two freestyles a week you gotta maintain the stability, make sure the people understand how relevantt you are. I continuously do that all the time, it doesn't matter what situation I'm in I always have to make sure the music is being fed to the people

You we're going to school at NYU for pre-law - how does that knowledge transfer over into the music industry?

I am to read contract and able to play chess. I think that by doing law you have to use your mind and think on the business aspect of it. As far as musically I don't think law and music have much correlation. But on the business aspect, law is definitely helpful on my behalf.

Can you explain a little about GFCnewyork and what you guys do?

GFCnewyork is my marketing and branding company that I cofounded back in 2006. I am the flagship artist, and what we do is, curate artist, and help brand them to be successful artists from here on out. We have worked with such clients as Devin the Dude, we assisted with Nipsey Hussle's career, and we also just got Big K.R.I.T signed. And we still have artists that we are working on. It's a great feeling to be able to help artists, and make it happen.

You spoke about you being signed to Battery/Jive can you just explain how that situation came about?

Yeah I'm signed to Battery/Jive. And I've known the A&R - Jeff Sledge - for about 4 years now. He's watched me grow from an artist who jacked other people's beats who had hooks on there with topic to making records. I think he finally understood, as well as me understanding how to write songs and records. I came back with a couple hit records, and he thought it was about time to pull the trigger, and sign me to Battery/Jive.

Can you explain your next mixtape "Im Better than You" that is slated to be released August 24th. What you are doing different with this project, and what are your goals behind this mixtape?

Yeah. August 24th "I'm Better Than You" is dropping. It's a mixtape. It's gonna basically show my lyrical skills, as well as get a more in-depth view of who Mickey Factz is and what runs through his mind. I think it's needed, it's necessary right now for me to put this mixtape out.

Checkmate is a song off the mixtape comparing the hip hop game to a chess game. What do you feel are the major chess moves that you have made in your career?

Well first, Checkmate is a wonderful display of lyrical talent. The record explains how to move in the game, and how to move against other rappers. It's not a diss record, a lot people have being taking it as that. Shout out the All City Chess Club, I used their sample in the beginning to show love, and to let them know I should be in that group. I think chess is a good metaphor because you always have to know what is coming ahead, and what is coming at you. You always got to be on your toes. I think it was necessary for me to put that record out to let people know, life is chess not just the rap game.

You are releasing your video to paradise today - can you just explain that song, and the video concept?

Yeah.VEVO is going to be premiering it. And I'm excited for the video because it finally gives the people an insight to where I grew up. Even though I don't really glorify what happens in the ghetto, that's where I grew up. And have to show people where I'm from, and where I'm headed.

Your long awaited album is dropping soon - can you just explain the sound that you are trying to put into this album, and the feeling you want the people to walk away with?

I want people to have fun when they hear "The Achievement." I want people to really just remember and see life as having fun, and being successful and following your dreams. That's really what Mickey Factz stands for. Aside from me feeling like I am able to out rap everybody, I still have dreams of being successful and being an inspiration to people. Everybody should inspire everybody else. I think that's what people are going to get out of it. And I also want people have fun in the end. Enjoy life!

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